Monday, December 31, 2012

THE VERY END Turn Off 2012

German Ruhr Area metal commando THE VERY END draws a conclusion on 2012:

“Dear misfit kings and dead end queens!

Here we are, watching the last days of 2012 go down the drain, just about a week after yet another proclaimed end of the world. Time for a quick recap of 2012.

We don´t want to bore you with telling how much blood, sweat and tears have been shed, because that´s obligatory. Damn sure we played some great shows throughout the year and looked into some abysses around them, be it weird red light district trips, mud fights or peppermint booze. But 2012 had some more changes up its sleeve for us.

We have bid another new band member welcome. Alex Bartkowski (Ex-Guerrilla) took over from guitarist Volker Rummel, who amicably left the band in summer after a memorable farewell gig at the Dong Open Air. Alex´ official live debut was at the Nord Open Air in Essen alongside Sodom, Entombed and many others, while only 2 days later we entered the studio to record our third album.

Turn Off The World, again produced with legendary Waldemar Sorychta and Dennis Koehne, displays all our trademarks and quite a few fresh vibes alike. We´re simply damn proud of this fucker! The album came out in late November, the release show was killer, too, and the response of both fans and press has been awesome so far!

Now it´s time to get this baby on the road, which is our focus for 2013. Sweaty & loud shows, metal as fuck! Right in YOUR town, right between YOUR eyes! So this is what we leave you with for now – the prospect of numerous The Very End shows, all of which to turn off your fuckin´ worlds for a while!

Finally, we again couldn´t have done all this without the help of our faithful crew, especially Sascha & Featured Artists, Carsten & Cyphers X, Georg & SPV, Roland, our ladies, friends & families and every other helping hand – you know who you are...

Thank you, cheers and may the force be with you. See you in 2013!”

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